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A Birth Story

I don’t know about you, but I love a birth story. Perhaps it’s because while lots of the details of people’s lives are increasingly accessible via social media and reality TV, labour and birth feel like areas of life that are still shrouded in…

July 4, 2019

3 and a 1/2

If I’ve learnt anything from the past year and a bit of motherhood, it’s that time really doesn’t stand still. Things move and change so quickly. I’m finding more and more that I really want to take some time to document our lives –…

February 27, 2019
baby scan flatlay with navy babygro, tan sling and sleepyhead nest

A New Year, A New Baby

At 33 weeks, this might be the latest pregnancy announcement post that’s ever been… though it’s not really an “announcement”, as such, I just wanted to talk about it here! So yes… In June last year I found out I was was expecting our…

January 17, 2019
breastfeeding mothers n field with blonde child

On Not Censoring Breastfeeding

I had no idea when I had my son that I’d carry on breastfeeding for 2.5 years. Sometimes, especially when I say it out loud, like that – two and a half years – I can’t believe we’ve lasted that long.…

May 13, 2018


We’re more than a few weeks past your second birthday; a whole month has gone by and I’m doing a terrible job of keeping track of the things I know I’ll want to remember. So here are a few thoughts on you at 2.…

October 1, 2017
18 months

18 Months

A few weeks ago, my little boy turned 18 months old. It seems unreal to me that he’s been around that long. That I am a year and a half into the best and most challenging job* I’ve ever had.…

March 9, 2017
C Peach illustration Soren

Dear Soren

Writing and receiving letters is a beautiful thing. In this age of instant communication, with its dizzying variety of communication methods, we take for granted “being in touch”. A lot of the time what we communicate is throwaway, a few lines speedily tapped out, which…

February 9, 2017