7 things I’ve loved lately

July 24, 2017
Sea swimming shetland

When I started this blog, I had a lot of stuff going on my head that I wanted to get down.  Ideas about motherhood, what I was feeling; and I started writing without much of an idea of what I wanted to have a blog for, or what its purpose was.
Which was fine: it is fine, to potter along, to not have a plan. I’ve tried to pin it down to being about something – apparently it’s good to have a niche, to not appeal to just everyone. So says the advice of every blogging expert. But I can’t do that. I’ve tried, but every time I start to think about it too much I can feel the joy being sapped away and it makes me want to stop altogether. (Turns out I’m not the only one feeling this way – Helen of A Bookish Baker wrote about this recently too).

Anyway, it’s not niche, it’s not specific… It’s just not going to be that sort of blog, and probably, as a a result, it’ll never be successful (whatever that means).

Instead, I’m going to just share stuff that I want to and not worry about the end result. Which is actually a pretty good way to approach lots of things in life… I’m not saying don’t have a plan – plans are great; rather don’t spend spend too much time worrying about what you should be doing, and instead, just do what you love.

So here we go! A random post of things I’ve been loving lately.



Duh. I mean, they need no explanation. They’re pretty, soothing and won’t break the bank. Winner.


I can’t remember how I discovered One Girl Band but I love basically everything Lola Hoad has to say (not to mention her super cute printed goods). OGB is a collective for female entrepreneurs and creatives Lola formed to empower women into business, but not in a stuffy suits sort of way. They have a co-working space in Brighton as well as offering meet ups and mentoring.

The blog and podcast is fantastic: useful, unwaffle-y, refreshing and down to earth… like a good chat with an old friend (who happens to be full of wisdom). Although it’s aimed at small business owners I think the advice can apply to anyone. Have a listen. 


Chidera Eggerue is a boss. Her award winning blog combines two of the best things in life – fashion and female empowerment.


I’ve been sea swimming recently. I started a few weeks ago on my birthday, randomly diving in after a run, and then started going with a friend who has swum every day for the last 60 or so – which is no mean feat, in Shetland!

It’s weirdly addictive… this is the north sea we’re talking about, so it is COLD. It’s the strangest thing: it feels pretty horrible for the first minute or so, then this peace comes over me and I feel amazing. The times I’ve been the sea has been so calm and beautifully clear, and the birds swoop and dive and pay us no attention. It’s just beautiful. (And yes, FREEZING.)


Things I've loved smoothie

I’ve followed Green Kitchen Stories for a few years and their recipes are always just delicious. This book is as you’d expect, just gorgeous and full of really easy but yummy smoothies, nut butters, juices and other good things. We’re working our way through them.


Makes me want to dance laugh cry laugh dance. (So bittersweet. So Abba. And PANPIPES!)


I really love coffee, but I try to stick to one or two cups a day. After that I drink a lot of herbal tea, especially in the evening.  This stuff is so good. Have you had it?


I’d love to know what you’ve been loving lately. 

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