Doing It For The Kids

November 23, 2016

The internet can be a weird place. A scary place; a place full of mean people trolling the crap out of the perfectly innocent and letting themselves loose on the comments section on the Guardian. Or worse, the Daily Mail (don’t go there. Ever.)

It can also be a wonderful place. The internet means access to brilliant pieces of writing, to virtual communities, support, much needed laughs and inspiration.

Yes, it also undoubtedly offers wasted hours watching videos of cats (what is it about videos of cats?) and clickbait Buzzfeed quizzes, but the increasing popularity of supportive, feminist online platforms is something I’m so grateful for, particularly as I stumble my way through this parenting lark.

A lot of these I’ve found on Instagram, including the brilliant new site Doing It For The Kids. Created by graphic designer and all round super-mama Frankie Tortora, in a response to the isolation she felt working from home with a toddler, it is a place to share stories, get advice, reassurance, motivation and to foster collaborations.

Frankie says: “I suppose Doing It For The Kids is like picking up all those freelance parents I’ve met and putting them in a place where I can get that sense of camaraderie at anytime, anywhere. And I feel like if that could help my sanity day-to-day, then maybe it might just be useful for someone else too.”

I wrote a piece on being freelance in a rural location, and how vital the internet is to how I cope (and yeah, to how much I procrastinate…)

You can read my piece and words from other brilliant mamas achieving all sorts of crazy shit on a daily basis here.

Also, don’t feel too bad about all those wasted online hours. This guy says it’s all totally fine.


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