Motherhood Mondays

October 10, 2016

Today is not really going to plan. I feel like nothing much right now is really going to plan. What can I learn from this? Stop making plans.

I have two deadlines due in two days; and while I like writing, I also want to just sit here on the sofa, pink cheeked sleeping baby in my lap, tea – not made by me, and hot! – in my hand.

There’s life detritus all over the house. Food crumbs and wooden blocks and snot stained clothes and forgotten paperwork. Outside the suns shines brighter that you’d expect is normal for October. The sky is brilliantly blue, there’s no wind, and it’s dry. I probably should be outside, walking, with my baby in a sling, sleeping; not indoors feeling slightly guilty and a bit sleepy.

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It’s nice, though, sometimes, just sitting. He’ll be awake soon so I’m going to ignore my dead arm and deadline anxiety and drink my tea.

Let’s face it: sometimes the best way forward is to stay still.

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