You Should Know Her

You Should Know Her

December 14, 2016
women support each other

I recently came to a realisation: other women are probably where I get most inspiration and empowerment.

It can come from anywhere: it might be from someone you know, or someone you’d like to (Hi, Lauren Laverne *waves*).

It can be as simple as the comfort and “zing!” moments of a good chat with a best pal, or finding solidarity in the eye roll of a mutually knackered mum at toddlers. It can be hearing about a new book someone has read (or written!) or the new venture a friend of a friend has started.

Sometimes these things take a lot of guts: you never know what someone else is going through, or what it’s taken for that person to get where they are. It’s incredibly easy to bitch and snark on someone else’s success, to criticise and mock. It doesn’t get us anywhere, though. It certainly doesn’t move you any further forward.

Know instead that other women aren’t your competition. That when we support each other, incredible things happen.

So in honour of all the brilliant women I know (and am yet to know) I’m starting a new series on the blog.

You Should Know Her will feature women who are doin’ their thang and killing it. Mamas, businesswomen, artists, or those just sticking it to mediocrity, and the patriarchy.








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